Product Development

At DeLong, we ensure our products' service life, functionality, and safety, are of the highest possible quality before they are available for purchase.

Research and Development

To stay relevant in this competitive industry, we have invested over $800,000 in the research and development of our products.

From data collection, product design, and quality control checks, down to the usage trial stage, we have met the standards of our customers by producing and supplying innovative and quality products.

Inside DeLong's research and development headquarters: brightly lit, clean hallway lined with plants
Factory shelves holding rolls of poly material

DeLong Packaging envisions itself as a leader in the packaging industry by providing excellent customer service through innovative design solutions for all types of businesses around the world. Our commitment to quality has resulted in us being accredited with ISO 9001:2008 certification, a testament for our dedication to continually improve the products and services.

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