Sustainability Programs

DeLong not only pays attention to its learning and ideological construction, but also constantly leads employees to develop good thinking habits, maintain sensitivity to new things, and encourages them to take the mentality of ownership and grow themselves in the enterprise.

Solar Panels

Our manufacturing site consumes a lot of energy. That is why we took initiative and invested heavily on renewable energy. Our factory utilizes non-pollutant, eco-friendly energy.

solar panels on a roof
Four people in comfortable clothes stand and kneel in the grass, hanging DeLong signs on newly planted trees

A Tree from DeLong

To give back to the planet, we launched a plant a tree initiative in 2019. This is one of the sustainable ways we positively affect the environment. We plant a tree in the area of the front factory in September each year (to commemorate the establishment of DeLong. By 2027, we aim to plant about a tree in the countries we have partnered with.

Two people in comfortable clothes kneel in grass, picking up litter and placing it in a trash bag

Be-Long Gone Plastic 

To tackle waste and pollution, we encourage our employees and members of the public to volunteer in our bi-weekly cleanup sessions in our community. The waste we collect is then deposited to a waste management service for recycling.

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